BYOD & Blended Learning

Blended Learning is about balancing the use of digital mediums and platforms with traditional learning tools I.E. text books, exercise books and writing equipment.  A Blending Learning education requires all students to bring a suitable digital device (BYOD) as part of their school equipment each day. We use digital platforms such as Google Docs and Google Classroom.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Cell phones are not considered as suitable devices for BYOD


Devices with Windows 10S (student version) are not recommended due to software limtitations

Laptop (not tablets or cell phones)

  • 11 inch screen

  • Can run Google Chrome

  • Windows 7 (or equivalent).

Recommended Devices to meet minimum requirements

  • HP Stream

  • Google Chromebook. CAUTION: does not work unless it is connected to a strong internet connection (not suitable for farmside or slow internet connections).

IF you're unsure about this please contact us for support by clicking HERE

Other Options

Any other standard laptop has Windows 7 and up, will be suitable.



Some of our departments have devices available that fit their specific subject needs - students should still always make the effort to bring their own device to school.


Each student who has a device for school is provided with network access and any other software/app suggestions that they may require. We have lockable cupboards for students to store their devices in, in each Department and in the library. There are staff here who are available to assist and advice students that may have issues with their device, however, they cannot repair privately owned equipment. Device costs relating to damage and theft are not the school’s responsibility.


We use Linewize to ensure that students are on track with their classroom work and cannot access inappropriate materials. We also offer parents Cyber Safety support information to assist them with monitoring and safety at home.