High Performance Academy Students
High Performance Academy Students
High Performance Academy Students
High Performance Academy Staff
High Performance Academy


  • Subsidised trips to sporting events/trainings or activities

  • Some sponsored High Performance kit (training shirt/training bag)

  • Trips to workshops including: Sports nutrition, training and the Institute of Sport for all members.

Entry and Selection Criteria

  • Ōtorohanga College top team representative in their main sport (eg. College A/1st XV)

  • Athletes must be playing for Otorohanga College in their code

  • King Country representative/Waikato or equivalent status

  • Outstanding Potential

  • Students must be playing their main code for Ōtorohanga College.


  1. Coaches form top teams of each code and nominate their two most gifted athletes; letter sent as an invitation

  2. Other remaining spots are selected through the application process

  3. A Maximum of 20 athletes.


High Performance Academy

 Program Goals

  • To maximise the opportunity for talented sports individuals to excel

  • To see our sportspeople exel beyond Otorohanga College in their chosen sport.

What the program will give our students

  • A mentor for their code. This would likely to be a professional, ex professional or specialised coach in their code. Students will meet with mentors and set goals, discuss training needs and explore other ways to move forward in their code

  • Training sessions with the group twice a week for six weeks of each term. This will include cross fit, Plyometrics, core training, endurance, speed work and agility

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