Spirit of Adventure / Caitlin Ash Scholarship

The Caitlin Ash Trust was established in memory of Caitlin Ash, a student from Waitomo Caves who attended Otorohanga College from 1990-1994. In 1996, Caitlin was killed in a car accident while returning to Victoria University where she was to start her second year. During her time at Otorohanga College, Caitlin had the privilege to sail on the Spirit of Adventure for a 10 day voyage. The Caitlin Ash Trust offers an annual scholarship for a voyage, to a year 12 student at Otorohanga College. The selected student is one who demonstrates respect and consideration for others and for whom the experience will make a positive difference.

Spirit of Adventure, November 2017

Our group of students (named West Coast) were just fantastic!!!


At the start of the trip the weather wasn’t ideal with the days being overcast, annoying rain that required everyone to dress for the conditions and cooler temperatures.  With the rain came strong breezes which meant a couple of our students got to experience a wee bit of sea sickness, but thankfully it did clear after day 2.


Every morning…everyone, staff (optional) included had to jump in the water 6.30am.  Regardless of the weather conditions this was the daily ritual bath time and it was pleasing to see that our students embraced it. Each day they did say the water seemed colder but I had to disagree!...lol


Once the sun came out and we had to opportunity to row ashore this made the trip so much more fun. I am super proud of how our group tackled each activity as a collective and made our 10th person feel welcomed. For those who didn’t know, we had a student join our group from another school as we couldn’t find a replacement female at short notice.


Everyday was filled with activities and we were feed extremely well. Bedtime came 9.30pm with lights out not long after. The 5 days were big and some of us are still recovering.