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Our Hostel: Falloon House

The Ōtorohanga College Hostel, Falloon House, was established in 1975. It caters for students from outlying areas including Bennydale and the coastal areas of Kawhia, Tahäroa, Kinohaku and Marokopa. All students return home at weekends by a Ministry of Education bus.

Falloon House Hostel is situated on Kakamutu Road, Otorohanga. The buildings are designed in an open square format. Catering for 66 boarders; female students have individual rooms while male students have a combination of individual rooms and dormitories. The facilities include lounges, recreational areas and are fully equipped kitchen and dining room. Students are supported to participate in a range of community activities and may also have use of College facilities when appropriate.

The hostel strives to maintain a whänau atmosphere in a safe, well supported, learning environment. The hostel is well managed; quality care is provided in a welcoming and homely surroundings.


For more detailed information and enrolment forms, use the links below:

Hostel Brochure

Falloon House Enrolment Form

MinEd Boarding Allowance Application

Gym Original.jpg
Gym upgraded.jpg


The bones of the Otorohanga College Gymnasium have been there since the 1960s. In 2013 we saw major renovations take place. Over the years the gym has witnessed many a beep test, circuit, press up, halfway buzzer beater, spike, overhead smash...the list goes on. The previously worn out floors have tasted the sweat of many of our past and present students but it is time for a much needed makeover. In the cleanup and amongst a few forged notes we found this little beauty. A rugby ball from 1988.The project cost approximately $600, 000 and was completed in 2014.

As well as hosting College Physical Education lessons, the gymnasium is also used for many community groups and clubs including; Tae Kwon Do, Fitness classes, Basketball and Soccer to name a few. This community link has continued since the gym opened and is important that we continue to support our local community. In the renovations we added a weights room, office space and a classroom. It is a fantastic facility.

For more information regarding the gym email

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