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All students present a very wide range of learning needs. Each learner is unique and we respect their individual personalities, strengths, and learning abilities. Every student has the right to achieve success and make progress at College and every student needing learning support also has the right to assistance to reach their potential.

Students who may need learning support include:

  • Neurodiverse learners and learners with disabilities
  • English is their second language
  • Communication, behaviour or learning difficulties, and/or sensory or physical impairments
  • Gifted learners - enhanced learning programmes

The Learning Support Team is available to work with students at all levels of the College and in any area of the curriculum. All Tier 3 Students will receive help from a Learning Support Teacher in addition to their classroom teachers. This support may be one-to-one, in a small group, within the regular classroom or in the Learning Hub.




The College has a Canteen which is leased to AIA Catering. The canteen offers students hot food, drinks etc for purchase at Interval and Lunchtime. AIA Catering also provides the daily free lunches to all students. 




At Otorohanga College, the commitment to fostering a culture of fitness, physical activity, and training has led to a series of transformative upgrades in the gym environment.

The bones of the Ōtorohanga College Gymnasium have been there since the 1960s. In 2013 we saw major renovations take place.

Over the years the gym has witnessed many a beep test, circuit, press up halfway buzzer beater, spike, overhead smash ... the list goes on.

The previously worn out floors have tasted the sweat of many of our past and present students but it is time for a much needed makeover.

In the cleanup and amongst a few forged notes we found this little beauty. A rugby ball from 1988. The project cost approximately $600,000 and was completed in 2014.

As well as hosting College Physical Education lessons, the gymnasium is also used for many community groups and clubs including; Tae Kwon Do, Fitness classes, Basketball and Soccer to name a few. This community link has continued since the gym opened and is important that we continue to support our local community.

In the renovations we added a weights room, office space and a classroom. It is a fantastic facility. Among the standout enhancements is the 2023 conversion of the old gym viewing area into a dynamic cardio haven known as Hikurangi Heights.

This comprehensive upgrade not only reflects the school's dedication to student well-being but has also significantly increased participation in fitness activities across the entire school community. The newly established cardio room, Hikurangi Heights, stands as a testament to Otorohanga College's progressive approach to fitness. This fully functional space is dedicated to endurance and High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), accommodating a variety of programs such as BoxFit and Train2Gain for junior modules and the Athlete Development Program for senior students.

The integration of high-quality commercial equipment, including; ski erg 2 Rowers, 4 assault bikes, 2 spin bikes, a treadmill, battle ropes, plyometric boxes This allows for diverse workouts, fostering a holistic fitness experience.

The strategic placement of Hikurangi Heights has seamlessly integrated fitness into the academic curriculum. Junior modules, such as BoxFit and Train2Gain, and senior programs like the Athlete Development Program and senior PE classes, now benefit from a dedicated space designed to enhance endurance and performance. The result has been a noticeable surge in student participation and enthusiasm for physical activities.

Complementing the cardio room, the gym's downstairs space has undergone substantial 2023 upgrades, particularly in the strength and conditioning department. The introduction of new equipment, such as new; dumbbells boxing bags a power tower power bags This has elevated the training experience for students. This revamp has directly translated into increased engagement, attracting more students to strength and conditioning sessions.

Recognising the importance of safety and engagement in training, the gym has invested in top-quality bags, pads, and gloves for its BoxFit program. This emphasis on quality equipment ensures that students receive the maximum benefits from their training while prioritizing their safety.

The commitment to excellence in BoxFit has contributed significantly to the overall positive shift in the gym culture.

The gym's commitment to improvement is far from over. Future plans include the installation of chin-up bars, speed chutes, and fixed dip bars, adding another layer of diversity and engagement to the fitness space. These exciting additions demonstrate Otorohanga College's dedication to providing a cutting-edge gym environment that continually evolves to meet the needs and interests of its student body.

The upgrades in the Otorohanga College gym represent more than just physical changes; they embody a commitment to the well-being and development of the student community. By creating spaces that cater to a variety of fitness preferences and integrating physical activities into academic programs, the school has successfully increased participation and enthusiasm for fitness.

As the gym continues to evolve, the future looks promising for Otorohanga College's commitment to fostering a healthy and active student body.

Watch this space for more exciting developments! 

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