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Miriama Pere

LOL Maaori


Our Senior Leaders

The Senior Leadership Team (or SLT) is made up of the Principal and two Deputy Principals. They collectively oversee the running of all aspects of school life.

All three of the SLT work collaboratively to meet the needs of students, teachers and the wider school community.


Lyndsay Kurth

Principal ~ Tumuaki

Vanessa Te Huia

Deputy Principal 


Stoffel Wilken

 Deputy Principal 

Student Achievement



Mrs Gwen Buckley

Acting LOL Technology

Leighton Parsons

LOL PE and Health

Year 12 Dean

Romano Manuel

LOL English 

Erin Baker

LOL Maths 


Miriama Pere

LOL Maaori

Fiona Parsons

LOL Arts, Music, Performance,

Year 9 Dean

Diane Pemberton

LOL Science,


Vianni Ward

LOL Social Sciences,

Accounting, Business Studies

Board of Trustees

Kia ora e te whaanau.

Thank you for taking the time to visit the Ōtorohanga College's Board of Trustees (BOT) section on the College website. Trusteeship on a school BOT is a challenging and rewarding role, and one that allows a community's voice and aspirations to determine the future of a school through its Charter and Strategic Planning. Trustees hold their positions on the BOT with pride.

The following explains a little about the general purpose of the BOT.

The BOT is responsible for four key areas of governance:

  • Accountability:  Student progress and achievement, review, financial monitoring and resource management.​

  • Leadership:  Governance model, clear purpose, roles and responsibilities, effective meetings and relationships.

  • Employer Role:  Good employer, performance management system, effective relationships, health and safety and recruitment.​

  • Representation:  Community consultation and engagement, board consultation, trust and relationships.

The BOT is also responsible for:

  • Developing and reviewing the school charter

  • Monitoring and reviewing Ōtorohanga College’s progress

  • Putting in place a policy framework

  • Employing the principal

  • Managing assets

  • Ensuring legal compliance

  • Implementing National Education Guidelines​

The above areas of governance and responsibility ensure a framework for school operations which fosters safety, equity, transparency and accountability.  

Our current BOT is made up of the following people and their respective roles:

  • Duncan Coull - Presiding Member, Parent Trustee

  • Jaimee Tamaki - Parent Trustee

  • Lyndsay Kurth  - Principal

  • Takarei Bidios - Student Trustee

  • Jen Roughton - Staff Trustee​​

  • Kim Ingham - Presiding Member, Parent Trustee

  • Michael Ritch - Parent Trustee

  • Aaron Cornelissen - Parent Trustee

  • Monica Clark - Secretary


The next triennial elections will take place in 2025 and all School Boards will be looking for skilled, community minded and big picture thinkers to sign up. You can find out more about trusteeship and the role of the Ōtorohanga College School Board  here:

Thank you for choosing Ōtorohanga College, your community College.

Ōtorohanga College School Board


Lyndsay Kurth

Principal ~ Tumuaki

Duncan Coull

Presiding Member

Kim Ingham

Presiding Member

Michael Ritch

Board Member

Chris van der Heyden

Staff Trustee


Aaron Cornelissen

Board Member

Jaimee Tamaki

Board Member

Takarei Bidios

Student Trustee

Jen Roughton

Staff Trustee Board Member

Teaching Staff

Melanie Wilken

Pathways Coordinator

Karen Flay

English, Media

Areta Kahura

PE & Health / Maths, Yr 11 Dean

Jacqui Wallace

Digital Technologies, English 

ICT Lead Teacher

Jennifer Roughton

Science, Maths

Nikita Joyce

Food Technology / PE & Health

Yr 13 Dean

Mr Ken Drummond

Relieving Food Technology

Claire Rymer

Science / Maths

David Grey

Art, Photography

Kristofer Ekholm

 Senior History,

Teacher In Charge Pathways

Brendon Mudge

Maths, PE

Janene Allison

English, Literacy, Social Sciences

Lacosta Hayward

PE and Health

Yr 10 Dean

Hostel Manager

Roy & Caroline Willison

Hostel Managers

Hostel Staff

Dom Fortis

Jayne Fortis

Dawn Winikerei

Leighjyn Tamaki

Samm Oates

Mathematics, The Hub

Peata Kakau

Sports Coordinator

Jenny Edwards

Thrive Youth Mentor

Caroline Willison

Office Admin

Ngaire Te Kanawa
Support Staff

Support Staff

Lisa Koppens
Finance Officer

Lisa Waghorn
Support Staff


van der Heyden

Caretaker / Grounds person

Seilala Makasale

Principal's PA

Lynda McCann

Learning Support Coordinator

Hellen Lanigan


Emma Carter
School Nurse

Jackson Willison

Thrive Mentor

Sam Crook
Support Staff

Patricia Loft

Michelle Carr

Learning Support

Melissa Grey

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