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Here at Otorohanga College we cater for all genders and ages. Boys and Girls basketball play and train mid week. This gives these students the opportunity to play a saturday sport as well.

Our teams are:

  • Oto College Junior

  • Oto College Senior A

  • Oto College Senior B

For more info contact

Mr Brendan Mudge



Here at the college we have two teams.  We also support girls to play.

Our teams are:​

  • 1st XI Boys

  • 1st XI Girls

Girls cricket play on Tuesday nights in the Waikato Valley Competition. They play T20 games.

Boys 1st XI play on Saturdays.

For more info contact

Mrs Fiona Parsons

Girls cricket.jpg
College A.jpg


We have a good range of netballers at Otorohanga College.  This year we have 3 teams ranging from Yr 9-13.  This year College A and College Junior Development play in the Maniapoto Netball Centre on Thursdays and Otorohanga on Friday nights.  

Our teams are:

  • College A

  • College Junior Development Yr 9/10

  • College Gold Junior/Senior

For more information Contact

Mrs Karen Flay

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All teams train on Tuesdays and Thursdays and play games on Saturdays throughout Terms Two and Three.

Our teams are:​

  • 1st XI Boys

  • 1st XI Girls

For more information contact Mr Ram Chetty

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Boys rugby.jpg
Girls rugby.jpg


Rugby consists of :​

  • 1st XV

  • U15 Boys 

  • Girls 7's

  • Girls Rugby


All teams train on Tuesdays and Thursdays and play games on Saturdays throughout Term Two and Three.

The girls play on Wednesday afternoons

For more information contact Mr Leighton Parsons

High Performance.jpg

High Performance Academy - this programme is on hold at present. 

Program Goals

  • To maximise the opportunity for talented sports individuals to excel.

  • To see our sportspeople exel beyond Ōtorohanga College in their chosen sport.

What the program will give our students

  • A mentor for their code. This would likely to be a professional, ex professional or specialised coach in their code. Students will meet with mentors and set goals, discuss training needs and explore other ways to move forward in their code.

  • Training sessions with the group twice a week for six weeks of each term. This will include cross fit, Plyometrics, core training, endurance, speed work and agility.

  • Subsidised trips to sporting events/trainings or activities.

  • Some sponsored High Performance kit (training shirt).

  • Trips to workshops including: Sports nutrition, training and the Institute of Sport for all members.

Entry and Selection Criteria

  • Ōtorohanga College top team representative in their main sport (eg. College A/1st XV).

  • Athletes must be playing for Otorohanga College in their code.

  • King Country representative/Waikato or equivalent status.

  • Outstanding Potential.

  • Students must be playing their main code for Ōtorohanga College.


  • Coaches form top teams of each code and nominate their two most gifted athletes; letter sent as an invitation.

  • Other remaining spots are selected through the application process.

  • A Maximum of 20 athletes.

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